In school I studied graphics and I love making shirt designs of my favourite cars for fun. I use Adobe Illustrator and sell my designs on various platforms.

Jaguar XK8 Vector Illustration (2020)

This was made using Adobe Illustrator. Traced over a photograph and overlays added for shading. I gained a lot of experience in using Adobe Illustrator in more advanced ways. Using masks and mirroring and rotation tools for the wheels.

Triumph TR6 Vector Illustration (2020)

Another illustration I made using Adobe Illustrator. Further advancing my skills.

Jaguar XJ6 X300 Vector Illustration (2020)

A refresh of a previous design of this car where I enhanced the shading and usage of lines.

Jaguar XJ Vector Illustration (2020)

A more simplistic style using thick lines. Made using Adobe Illustrator.

Jaguar XJ Series 2 Vector Illustration (2021)

A change to the front end of the previous design to depict the series 2 Jaguar XJ6.